End Domestic Violence Starts with Me

Starts With Me aims to engage and rally the community to take action against domestic violence.

Help Is Here

Resources are available to assist you in managing instances of domestic violence from educational brochures to help lines.

Starts with Me

Take the first step.

Join this movement and address domestic violence at home, among friends, and in your neighbourhood.

Stand With Us

Gain a deeper understanding of domestic violence in our video series. Be inspired to be an 'active bystander’, rally others in your community, and contribute your solutions to this issue.

Let's Talk About It

Build self-awareness and learn to recognise the telltale signs of domestic abuse through a specially curated line-up of insightful articles written by victims, survivors and their loved ones.


Engage with domain experts and victims of domestic violence on the impact of domestic violence both on a personal and societal level.


To The Cause

Make a difference. With every contribution, greater support can be provided to victims of domestic abuse.

We Want To Hear From You

We Want To Hear From You

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