Let's Talk About It

Build self-awareness and learn to recognise the telltale signs of domestic abuse through a specially curated line-up of insightful articles written by victims, survivors and their loved ones.


Read these insightful articles. Reflect on your personal behaviors. And recognise actions that might be considered abuse.


Do not feel ashamed to reach out if you think that you need assistance.

ComCare Hotline

1800 222 0000

7am -12pm (Daily)


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National CARE Hotline

1800 222 6868 

24/7 (Daily)

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Tinkle Friend Helpline

 1800 274 4788

(for Child Abuse Case Only):

9.30am – 11.30am / 2.30pm – 5pm (Weekdays)

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Care Corner Project StART: 6476 1482

10am – 5pm (Weekdays)

Help Lines

Click the following to call.


6555 0390

9am – 6pm (Weekdays)

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6449 9088

9am – 5pm (Weekdays)

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MSF Child Protective Service 1800-777-0000 

7am – 12am (Daily)

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              Police:   999

or SMS:   71999
24/7 (Daily)

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