End Domestic Violence

End Domestic Violence – Starts With Me aims to engage and rally the community to take action against domestic violence. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen the implementation of measures intended to curb transmission rates.


The need for safe distancing and Work-From-Home policies have drastically affected our everyday lives. These changes have been met with a rise in reported cases of domestic violence globally. In the home space, extended periods of time spent with the family, in a confined space, may lead to rising tensions and conflicts.


Loss of income. A sense of isolation. Deep frustration. These are but some of the stressors that have emerged due to the pandemic. Unfortunately, the elevated levels of stress have also resulted in domestic abuse. Being home in this climate might not be the safest option for victims and survivors of domestic violence, which includes children.


These are unprecedented times. However, we believe that as a community, more can be done to provide greater assistance to those who need it.


And it starts with you and me.

Our Aspirations

Connect people of different

social backgrounds together

Build caring communities and

encourage proactive neighbourliness

Foster a climate of trust for people to

speak up and have constructive discourse

Nurture positive and

resilient family relationships

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