I’m Shahrany, founder of The Whitehatters, an NGO focused on community development. Together with Zaharah, one of the founding members of Casa Raudha, a crisis shelter for women, we started a domestic violence awareness campaign in April 2020. During the circuit breaker period, reported cases of domestic violence had increased dramatically. Realising that there could be more of such incidence that went unreported, we had to do something.


End Domestic Violence – Starts with Me is not just an awareness campaign. While the primary focus of the campaign is to help the victims of domestic violence, we also wanted to involve the community towards helping the victims break the cycle of violence and also to reach out to the persons causing hurt to go and get help.


Domestic violence is not a private matter; it is a social problem. It is also an offense. Women and children are the most affected.


The abuse may also take another form – through words and actions. Sometimes, the violence is hidden since bruises are easy to cover. Without undermining the effects of any form of abuse, however, we stand with the victims when they say that psychological and emotional abuse leave far deeper wounds and takes longer to heal than a physical ones.


At times, an abuse that has taken place is apparent for others to see. Yet, we have a tendency to turn a blind eye. We feel that we don’t have a right to interfere in a private or domestic affair. We also feel uncomfortable and don’t really know what to do. So, we do nothing and hope for things to work out between the couples.


Let’s change that thinking because no one has the right to abuse anyone, especially women, children and/or the vulnerable adults. Ever.


As a family member, friend, colleague or even a neighbour, if we ever witness an incident of domestic violence, or came to know that it happened, don’t hesitate to step in and lend a hand.


To do so, we need to understand what a victim goes through and the systems in place that could help her get to a better place. This is the reason for the webinar.


We cannot do this alone but together we can. Join us on Saturday, 19 September 2020. Share your thoughts, hear from the experts and let’s be a part of a community that heals.


We look forward to having you.

Warmest Regards,

Shahrany Hassan & Zaharah Ariff

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